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From small local manufacturers to large global corporations, we are committed to adding value to solutions you seek and getting you the results that you desire.  By understanding your company’s unique needs, we deliver integrated energy solutions to you, while saving cost and ensuring quality through:

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Automotive Diesel Fuel

Premium Diesel for reliable performance

Designed for high-speed diesel engines and other industrial applications, our premium Caltex Diesel is Euro 2M standards containing 500ppm of sulphur. Our diesel features high cetane index and controlled distillation characteristics – components that can ensure easy start-up and smooth combustion for reliable performance.

All our diesel has sufficiently high viscosity to provide proper lubrication of fuel pumps and injectors. Where lower viscosity diesels are used, lubricity additive will be used.

Caltex Automotive Diesel Fuel can also replace heating oil for steam raising and industrial heating purposes, whether in small domestic-type boilers/burners or large industrial packaged boilers.

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Automotive Gasoline

Engineered to a higher standard for a continuous journey

Caltex produces premium unadditised gasoline fuel to keep your fleet running effectively and smoothly, whilst meeting strict Malaysia fuel specifications.

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Fuel Oil

Superior solutions for every need

As a rule of thumb, very heavy grades of residual fuel oil require pre-heating for burning and handling while lighter grades do not. For industries that use large slow-speed diesel generating sets, Caltex provides a wide range of residual fuel oil of various grades for marine, industrial and large central heating applications.

Caltex Fuel Oil is also appropriate for medium-speed diesel engines, where fuel handling systems and engine designs accommodate the burning of residual fuel oil.


One simple product. Many applications.

Caltex Kerosene is used as a chief ingredient in making fuel for jet aircraft, turboprop, and conventional ramjet engines. Easy to light and with a steady burning quality, our high-grade kerosene is low in Sulphur and free of unpleasant smell odour.

As a light distillate, it is used for general kerosene applications, including heating, lighting and refrigeration and a solvent for weed-killers and insecticides. Other applications, include portable room heaters, farming equipment, electric generators and machinery, and power electric generators that charge storage batteries on farms and in small villages.

Caltex Marine and Industrial Diesel Fuel

Commitment to quality. Integrated capabilities. Global connections.

We bring you quality products that range from fuels, lubricants to coolants. As the premier supplier of Marine fuels worldwide, our integrated logistics capabilities also help ensure timely delivery and customer focused services.

All our fuels meet stringent ISO 8217 specifications, with barge inspection programmes for safe, effective deliveries to the port where the fuel is required.

With 27 offices around the world addressing your requirements, our dedicated specialists can also help you to develop strategies and solutions (such as price risk management and hedging) to save time and money.

Aviation Fuel

Fueling Aviation Success

Through its legacy of quality, reliability, service and trust, Chevron has been a key player in supplying aviation turbine fuel (Jet A-1) to commercial airlines at international airports in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, since 1918.

Our jet fuel meets or exceeds stringent requirements for worldwide fuel handling and product standards set by industry and government groups.  Chevron is a founding member of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), the leading international forum where experts in all aspects of the aviation fuel supply industry come together to establish and enhance standards for the safe handling and quality control of aviation fuels globally.

We know how important a top quality and reliable fuel supply is for the aviation business.  Our Chevron Aviation sales team is here to provide you with advice on jet fuel product, supply chain and operation support.


Specially developed solutions, tailored for any needs

No matter what the needs of your business, we are here to assist you with quality Caltex Asphalt products. Being committed to providing you consistent supply and timely delivery, our three capable refineries in Singapore (SRC), Thailand (Star Petroleum Refining Company) and Korea (GS Caltex) operates on high safety and reliability standards.

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