About Us

We are a dynamic and independent privately owned Bumiputera company, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Asia Controline was incorporated in 2008. We specializes in petroleum products and is an authorized Chevron Malaysia Berhad product reseller, exporter and Commercial Dealer. We aim to be a reputable and reliable player serving the Malaysian petroleum industry locally and globally to support the economic growth, prosperity and progress in the regions where we operate.

Currently we are also appointed as the PDA 4 license holder by the Government of Malaysia. Our core nature of business is to complement and meet the standards and requirements set by CALTEX MALAYSIA in marketing their wide range of high quality refined petroleum related products like the popular CALTEX DIESEL -BIO WITH TECHRON D (Euro 2M), CALTEX POWER DIESEL EURO 5 WITH TECHRON D (Premium), GASOLINE PREMIUM 97 WITH TECHRON (Unleaded Gasoline) and GASOLINE PREMIUM 95 WITH TECHRON (Unleaded Gasoline) to name a few.

We have also been entrusted by CALTEX MALAYSIA to carry and distribute the CALTEX HAVOLINE full range of lubricants. Asia Controline and its stakeholder partners are in the process of setting up fuel depots and service centers for purpose built commercial heavy vehicles in Selangor to cater to the increasing demand for quality fuel and lubricants for in this country.

Our Stakeholders

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