Our premium industrial lubricants help protect your equipment throughout your operation, from the autonomous vehicles, conveyors and elevators deep underground to the processing facility.

Make every minute more productive to maximise uptime and profitability

Staying on schedule is critical in mining production. Caltex pemium lubricants are formulated to support equipment performance despite the dirt, severe loads and harsh elements you face around the clock.

Repairing failed equipment deep in a mine can be a major undertaking that reduces productivity. Achieve maximum durability as Caltex lubricants protect critical equipment components to help prevent failures, boost durability and maximise service life. We also engineer durability into the lubricants themselves, to help you extend drain intervals and reduce the need for maintenance stops.

We also offer best-in-class assessment of your operation to identify goals and establish the most effective lubrication program to help you optimise performance.

Product recommendation guide

Our premium lubricants have been designed to excel in different industrial equipment and vehicles, delivering reliable engine protection and outstanding performance. We help you optimise lubricant life, so you can keep equipment performing across each production cycle.