Power Generation


We understand today’s power markets and can provide industrial lubricants to help you optimise plant efficiency and uptime across hydroelectric, gas, steam and combined-cycle turbine plant.

Keep the equipment running and electricity flowing

Customers are counting on your output. We help you achieve the equipment reliability you need to deliver.

For Heavy-duty turbine plants, our premium industrial lubricants range can help protect your turbines and ancillary equipments from the deposits and varnish that can cause poor performance and outright failures.

For reciprocating gas engines, our low-ash gas engine oils are formulated to protect against deposits and corrosive acids, reduce lubricant depletion and extend drain intervals. We work with leading OEMs to develop lubricants for their latest engine designs to help extend equipment service life, streamline maintenance and minimise operating costs.

For Wind turbines, our gear oils help reduce the lubricant breakdown and acids that can cause corrosion, deposits, micropitting, cracks and fractures in gears and bearings. Our experts also can help you implement optimal drain intervals to streamline maintenance and used oil analysis to help you predict and prevent failures.